Greetings in the wonderful name of my savior Jesus Christ.I  was born
 in a lil town of Waverly,New.York. Moved to california in the year
of  1959  november.  I met  my wonderful wife Erma and we
were  married. We  have  been  happily  married  for  29
wonderful  years.  It  has  been really rough at  times.
.I developed a rare blood disorder in 1988 it was
 called.Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic .Purpura
low platelet count.Took kemo treatments  about
2  year's So they  told  me  i  was  not  going to live over
five years.So i figured what have i got to lose. I'm a born
again christian and its about time i trusted the my savior Jesus. So i
sent  for  a  prayer  cloth  from one of the healing ministries. The day i
put  the  prayer  cloth  on  my platelet count went up to normal and stayed
there. So  God  has  had  his  hand  on  my life for many years.Plus i have
a  praying  wife  that  really  loves  the  lord. So i was not able to attend any
church services for quite a while due to  the  removal  of  my spleen in 1988
But  i  love  Jesus  and  he  took  care  of  me. I  prayed  daily.

Now in the year 2000 a new beginning aproched my life.
About june 5th i developed a pain in my chest.So my daughter
Who was visiting me from New.Mexico .She is a cardiac specialst
paramedic.  Drives  an  ambulance  and  does  duty  on a leer jet also.
So  mentioned  the  pain  to  her and she got upset at me.So we went to
Kaiser emergency room.kept me over night.Did a stress test the following
morning. Well  that turned  out  positive.So in hours they took me to kaiser
North hospital.  Did a test on me where they shoot die upinto your arteries.
We'll  it  came  out  90%  blockage.  So  within   hours  they  ambulanced
me  to  Mercy  General  hospital.  The  heart  problem  was  in a bad area.
It  was  where 2 arteries come together.So no one wanted to  perform the
surgery.It accually was not surgery it was a new method where they insert
stents  up  in  your  arteries. So  finally  Dr. Reginal  Low  just happened
to be there at that time. He is No.1 in northern calif.We all know it was
Jesus.Any way my pastor and all my friends were there praying before
i went in to the operating room. and i did come pretty  close to open
heart surgery.So God saved my life again.He is always there for us.

We started
attending a new church ElkGrove,calif.
Been going there about a year now. have been pressing in to
Gods fullfilment for my life.Had a lot of good words over me by evanglists
that have visted our church. Always felt like the lord would use me but did
not think it was going to be this late in my life. At 64 yrs old i thought i was
done. But god is raising up his people in these last days to do his work.
The lord has been empressing on me lately that we really need to get with
the show. Prayer,Praise,Bury that ole man and get serious. Get rid of all
those nasty habits. A person asked me one time if his smoking would keep
him from going to Hell. I said well it may not stop you but you really will
smell like you have already been to Hell. The word i'm getting from the
Lord is Holliness. We must get holy before the lord.We have had many
words givin in our services and its all about Jesus.Holy,Holy, He wants
us to Walk Holy,Talk Holy, Get a renewing of or mind. We must repent
of all the sinful things in this world. Claim your inheritance. Welth,Aren't
you tired of running around as a born again christian poor & broke.
Well God wants us to be healthy & welthy.Remember we are kingskid
Are we not. That means we are from Royal blood. Bridle that tongue
And spread some LOVE .We must break down those walls. Put some
good christian Cd's on of praise & worship.Because we looking for a
born again President.And you watch this world turn to God. So shake
those shackels off and Live for JESUS.he is so wonderful.Saves,
santifies,heals. He is still the same today as he was 2000 yrs ago.

" Profetic Word "

 The  Lord  Showed  me  that  there  is  coming  a  great revival to
 this  nation  like  was  never before and never will be again.
So pray for this nation..God is giving this nation another
chance. Other wise God will give this nation to the
Goats.Remember in the word every time there
was a richous king, The nation was richous.
What  this nation  is  doing is not good
 in  the  eyes  of  the  lord.  This
nation  is  very  evil  now. in
the  sight  of  the  lord.
There is a mighty spirital awaking coming to this nation
in about after january 2001. So lets get on God's
Band wagon. And not be left.Its about a 1/2
second to midnight by God's time clock.
We need to Fall on our knees in prayer
for this nation. Pray,Pray, Pray.

" He Will Do It Again "
Well he will do it again and he sure has. This is a new year coming up
That reminds me of a Karen Wheaton song.And it is so true.
He is always there if you just have the faith to aknowdege
That fact. Sept 12,2001 was another bad experence
I developed an asophagus problem where by i
could not eat a regular meal. Couldn't
swallow my medication, my pills
had to be crushed in order
for them to go down
all i could eat
was a bowl of oat meal in
the morning and in the evening i
had chicken noodle soup. And my wife
bought me some cans of nutritional drinks that
was able to keep up my strength. I was getting very weak
due to lack of eating. was going to kaiser hospital for all kinds
of tests. BA swallow twice,Cat Scan etc. But they all were in vain because
they all come to the conclusion of a big nothing. So this went on for
months. It was very bad situation. I would take a pill and it would
get lodged in my asophagus and it would stay there untile it did
melt. So i sent for a prayer cloth from the happy hunters
and nothing would seem to help. My faith was getting
very rocky. So we started having family prayer in
the mornings when we got up. So Dec 8th
we were listening to Terry MacAlmons
worship Cd's. And the Lord showed
up and it felt like electricity
went all through my
body. So God still does miricles
today . It just totally stressed out my
Dear wife. And his presents was just so real
that morning. That prophecy was flowing. It had
been a long dry spell.God had not used me in prophecy
in about 5 months. Because i was so stressed out. In & out of
the hospital. I was in the E.R. seemed like every other day. But God is
so good where we fail he is right there to pick us up. So i finally
had a whole meal and boy was it good. So from that day the
lord told us that 8 represents a new beginning in our
lives. So chaulk one more Healing up for Jesus
We may fail but My Jesus never fails. I'm
eating regular meals now thanks to
my Jesus.So its going to be
a new beginning for us
2002 will be a
Great Year
for us.

Bush is a born again

God Bless You
Bro.Dave & Sis Erma

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