This is my Ft-101E station .
Works Great,Good memories
from this ole Rice Burner

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" Me In My Ham Shack "


This is some of my Ham radio Gear.757gx2 & 767GX

My Ham Radio's
 Yaesu 767GX  SP - 767Patch + 757GX2  + FL-7000 Amp
ICOM - IC-208-H  ICOM = IC-38a  +  IC-2000
FT-101-B + YO-100-SCOPE +FV-101-B VFO
SP-101 PB LANDLINER  MD-1 MIKE  D-104 Wired For Yaesu
Heil Bradcast Mike  Heil Mike Boom  MFJ -815B Watt Meter
MFJ Artificial Ground MFJ-931  D-104 Diamond Golden Eagle Wired For Yaesu
MURCH = UT-2000a, Cobra 142 GTL bass, Cobra 148GTL Mobil

HF - KW-1,  Inverted  V , Antron  99
FM - All Diamond Antennas

FT-767GX                                     FT-757GX2
Another Yaesu First, introduced in 1983, this was the original radio covering HF, VHF, and UHF bands all in one
box. The VHF and UHF coverage uses optional internal modules. Also the first rig to have an automatic antenna
tuner for HF.

And, better bring along your VISA card, you'll be parting with at least a kilo-buck to buy one of these rigs in good
shape. Add a few hundred more to get the 6, 2 or 440 modules.

This has been a fairly good amp.70 watts drive. And a 1.1 match
I have gotton about 800 watts on my inverted V
I use a Screw Driver on 40 meters
Also you might find me on
EchoLink  God Bless


D-104 Golden Silver Eagle Mike


 You Might Find Me On
Call Channel


This is a Sign That I made
And Hand Painted


Heil Heritage Mike



This Is Your's Truly
Ti's Me


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