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Elmira Christian Center
235  East  Miller  Street
Elmira , New. York.  14904
The Home Of 
Elmira Christian Academy


~  You Are Invited To Worship With Us Sunday  ~

Sunday School (all Ages ) - 10:00 am
Morning Worship - 10:45 am
Childrens Church - ( 2-12 ) 10-12 am
Evening Worship - 6:30 am
Childrens Church Available pm ( ages 3-8 )



In God We Trust.........!

ECC: 607-734-7516  =  ECC: 607-734-7195
FAX - 607-737-2785

U. S. A. U. S. A.
One Nation Under One Mighty God !




Elmira  Christian  Academy
Elmira, New. york.


Katherine Mattoon Principal Of Elmira christian Academy


Peter & John Bedzyk  1940


This is the Building Where our Church Was started.
it was the former springstead shirt factory
at 115 East henry street. The Building
had been vacant for several
years and this is what
it looked like after
some paint and clean - up Rent Was 20.00 per Month


* Landmark meetings that launched the church
1944  Friday, 8/18: First church service of the Pentecostal Tabernacle in Elmira, NY
1947  First bus route started. Bro. John drove the bus.
1947  **First tent meeting with L. K. Dodge, on College & Roe Aves.
1948  Tent meeting with Harvey McAllister; Edward B. Hill; Girls trio from Zion Bible Institute, on Mt. Zoar and Walnut Sts.
1949  Land on E. Miller St. purchased
1949  **Tent meeting with L. K. Dodge, on E. Miller & Falck Sts.
1950  **7/12 - 9/4: Vinyard Healing Campaign "Tent Cathedral", on E. Miller & Falck Sts.
1950  Groundbreaking for the new church
1951  6/10 - 7/8: Tent meeting with Richard Vinyard (every night except Mondays; 3 services on Sundays), on E. Miller & Falck Sts. (where ECA building now is)
1951  9/16 3pm: Dedication service - Sister Gibson (founder of Zion Bible Institute) came from Rhode Island to speak. Bill Wilson also spoke and stayed to conduct a week of meetings.
1952  5-10: Bro. John married Roberta White from Clark Summit, PA.
1953  Gordon Lindsay / Alton Hayes - Salvation-Healing Revival
1953  6/7-21: Revival with Jimmy & Dorothy Adams in the church.
1954  1/10 - 2/14: Hayes / Noah Revival in the Strand Theater
1954  **7/11 - 8/6: Tent meeting with David Nunn; 100's saved; between 50 and 100 baptized in water in the tent.
1954  **Christian Life Magazine Sunday School Contest
Mid 1950s  Radio ministry started - daily, live 15 min. WCBA, Corning
1958  Tent meeting with David Wilerson, Nicky Cruz. Tent blew down. On Maple Ave. & Cedar Sts.
1959  7/17 - 8/18: Tent meeting with Mel Blundell
8/21 - 8-30: W. V. Grant, on Lackawanna Ave., Horseheads
Late 1950s  Church addition tripled the size of the church.
1960  **1/3 - 2/7: Tommy Barnett (young evangelist)
1960  **7/20 - 9/11: Tent meeting with John French, Tommy Barnett, Wellards, Callicaots, on Broadway near Bulkhead.
1969  Elmira Christian Academy established
Special Needs Class started in Sunday School
1972  ECA three-story building constructed; first used for Sunday School on Easter Sunday.
1972  The Flood, "America's greatest natural disaster" - Pres. Nixon.
1983  TV ministry started - WENY
1988  Gym constructed
1994  50th anniversary of the church - Nicky Cruz
2004  7/30: Bro. John passed away
2004  Rev. Belvy White led our church for two years.
2005  Rev. Brian Harris became pastor
2008  Let Elmira Live - a multi-church effort to keep Elmira on the straight and narrow path. Nicky Cruz's group TRUCE ministered.


The Parsonage Family Poses for A picture In 1960
Roberta,  BOnnie,  Paul,  &  John


Sunday Evening Service July 25th 1954
Evangelist David Nunn
Salvation & healing Service
Elmira, New. York.


Bro.John & Sis Roberta Were Married In
" 1952 "


In  case  we  find  ourselves  starting  to  Believe
All  the  Anti - American  sentiment  &  Negativity,
We  should  remember  England's  Prime  Minister
Tony  Blair's  words  during  a  recent  interview.

When  asked  by  one  of  his  Parliament
Members  Why  he  Believes  so  much
in  America,   He  Said:
A  simple  way  to  take  Measure  of  a
Country  is  to  Look  How  Many  Want  It...
And  How  many  want  out."

Only  Two  Defining  Forces  Have  Ever
Offered  to  Die  For  You :

1.  Jesus   Christ
2.  The  American  G.I.

One  Died  For  Your  soul  &  The  other  For
Your   Freedom.

This Web Page Is Dedicated To My
Wonderful Pastor Who Has
Gone To Be With Jesus
 His Wonderful
Wife Sis Roberta Bedzyk
Is Still Going Strong
They Both Pastored The Pentecostal Tabernacle
In Elmira.New.York.
For Many Wonderful Years.
Now Sis Roberta is Learning The Computer
Still Has Some Wonderful Years
Left to Do What She Wants
May God Bless Sis Roberta

Rev.John & Sis Roberta Bedzyk
Bonnie & Paul

Dear  Roberta, My Darling Wife

I have a fond dream of you and me holding my Darling Wife.
You gaze into my  eyes and profess your Love.
When your lips meet mine, I close my eyes, lost to the sweetness of you.
I have a fond dream of you and me strolling carelessly through fields of  LOVE,
laughter on our lips,  in our eyes. I offer my  LOVE to you, and you Roberta  accept, sealing your Life with me.
I have a fond dream of you and I Roberta, side by side as we stare at the sprinkling of stars and savor our closeness.
You turn to me and Promise that you'll always be mine, that we belong together like the stars and the sky.
And with JESUS in our lives we together shall give our LOVE to The World.
So be Strong My LOVE Jesus Will Put Us Together Once
Again When He Comes Back Or Calle's
You Home To Be By My
Side Baby!

Your Hubby John Bedzyk

This Is Brother John's Pet
Sike Tredzyk He is Still Living SomePlace.
If You See Him Please Send Him
Back Home.

Helen Is the only one still Living
Peter Just passed away in
December 2006


This is a picture of the ole shirt factory that was Rented for 20.00
 Per Month By Bro.John Bedzyk in 1944 It was the Born
Pentecostal Tabernacle That is still
Preaching The Gospel Of Jesus
Now they even Have a
Christian Day


This Rose is For You
Sis Roberta Bedzyk With Much "LOVE"


If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble
themselves, and pray, and seek my face,
and turn from their wicked ways; then
will I hear from heaven, and
will forgive their sin, and
will heal their land.
2nd Chronicles  7: 14


Bet This Never Makes The News

SGT John GebHarht
This little girl's entire family was executed.They intended to execute her also and shot her
in the head, but they failed to kill her. She was cared for by john's hospital and
healing up, but has been crying and moaning. The nurses said john is
the only one she seems to calm down with, so john has spent
the last four nights holding her while they both
sleep in that chair. The girl is coming
along with her healin!

The U.S.A Is It In God's Hands ?
You Tell Me !

The   quote   of   the   month   by   Jay   Leno:
" With  hurricanes, tornados, fires  out
of  control, mud  slides, flooding,
severe  thunderstorms
tearing  up  the  country  from  one
end  to  another, and  with  the  threat  of
bird  flu  and  terrorist  attacks,  are
you  sure  this  is  a  good  time
to  take  GOD  out  of
the  Pledge  of
Allegiance ?"



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God Has The Whole world In His Hands


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